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Hambone's Redneck Paradise

Hambone’s Redneck Paradise, LLC was started by Greg and Polly Hamilton. The wanted to open a place where people could come and relax in the outdoors. They wanted to provide a space where food was plentiful, atmosphere was inviting and entertainment was affordable. So, they utilized some land on their property and opened Hambone’s Redneck Paradise. They found people enjoyed everything they offered. They quickly expanded into live entertainment. While recovering from the pandemic, they discovered a new need. A need in the area for short term housing. They realized they could incorporate a livable space on their property. So, they set out to add a, “room” or two. They now have one fully functional space with plans to add one more very soon. The space has been rented 3 out of the 4 weekends they have been open. Greg says, “We have been blessed. And, are just overjoyed to be able to provide a facility that people enjoy as much as we do”. 

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