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WHRL Solutions, LLC

have invented, developed, trademarked and patented an innovative system called WHRLflo™ chiller that is eliminating the need for propane on dairies. Their products were showcased at the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin and the World Ag Expo in California. This environmental friendly system allows dairy farmers, in America and Internationally, to cool milk in the most efficient way possible, while delivering all of the necessary hot water for free. Dairies are having a very quick return of investment of two to four years all while having access to abundantly more hot water than ever before. The next phase of products that WHRL Solutions has developed will be used to deliver hot water to large universities, hospitals, and food manufacturing plants and residential. Test have yielded an extremely successful amount of hot water at their first food processing plant, Marine Harvest, a salmon farm in Fort William, Scotland. Installation is currently underway at Makie’s Ice Cream in Aberdeen, Scotland. Upcoming projects include installing their largest system to date in Bells Hill Scotland, at one of the largest dairy processors in Europe. They currently employed 7 people.

April and Colin Thomson
Dublin, Texas