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AJT Compliance, LLC

has developed an online data management software to assist businesses with transportation compliance. In less than 12 months, the company has a fully developed software, 11 employees and topped $1.1 million in sales for 2015. The software product (Dot Shield) is making transportation compliance an easier endeavor for their customers. AJT Compliance, LLC has created an all-in-one data hub, DOT Shield, to track all of a company’s fleet and driver data for DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant initiatives. The company also offers safety training and assist with DOT Compliance review. In 2016, the company is already making plans to open a satellite office in Houston, but the data management will remain in Erath County. In addition to the compliance that tracks driver compliance, a new assets management module is also in the development stage.

Andrea and Les Wood
Bluff Dale, Texas